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Not all solo's are created equal. Quality is better then quantity. That is why I have only been selling 8 solos per month. I don't want to "beat up" my list with multiple mailings, trying to meet a click guarantee.

As such, I will not be sending out for Empower Network or Pure Leverage for a while. The market has been saturated with emails for both and to many people use the same email swipes and squeeze pages.

I am also reducing the number of clicks I sell at a time to 50 and 100.

The adswap and solo market have become very saturated and it has become harder to produce the same amount of clicks as it was a year or so ago. Therefore, I am cutting back on the amount of clicks I sell to protect the quality of my list.


What Our Clients Have To Say...


I still believe only a few know this but believe me when I say there is much more quality in purchasing small solos ads from trustworthy sources. The results always prove stronger, with a fresher, more tended list.

JT, you've always provided me with the best money can buy regarding solos ads and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Kevin Fahey



No wonder you came so highly recommended. I got a 76% sign up rate! The best rate I've ever gotten on this offer elsewhere was 44% and I didn't change a thing.

So you are really giving some great solos. I got 2 sales that covered my costs on top of that. At this rate I'd like to do this every day, all day. I'll be back for more. Can't say enough good things.

Tim Fuhrman


  When it comes to finding a reliable and trustworthy solo ad seller it's hard to distinguish between the 'good' and the 'bad' guys. Well, JT is definitely one of the 'good' guys. Here's why:
  1. He delivers the promised unique clicks - quick and hassle free.
  2. His traffic converts. I always test a new traffic source against my internal reference squeeze page, and his traffic has converted far above average.
  3. He is accessible - he responds quickly to any correspondence.
  4. He seems to be a really nice guy :)
So it's out of question for me that I will order more solo ads from JT verey soon again!

Steven Jenkins



"When I am looking to buy a solo ad to send quality clicks to my page JT Martin is one of my trusted sources for buying solo ads. JT’s traffic is quality, it converts, and he delivers fast.

These days its important to have reliable resources when it comes to handing over your hard earned money when it comes to advertising, so if you are looking to where to spend I can fully recommend JT."

Colin Muenier



Now, because I am so picky with my list. I am only going to send free offers. I will not send any deceptive headlines that begin with RE: or talk about being verified or confirming my account. You know what I am talking about. Basically, I reserve the right to change any subject lines or add copy. If you use good judgement, it shouldn't be necessary.

I also refuse to send any junk to my list. That means no matrix based, bizops, MLM, or anything like it. Your free report or software should be of high quality. Also, no more then one exit pop please. More then one becomes an annoyance and might result in an unsubscribe.

It is in your best interest to make sure of this as it's your first impression. You want to get subscribers and keep them. Giving away junk will accomplish neither.

I am also not responsible for your results. You should know how your squeeze page performs and therefore be able to predict approximately how many subscribers you will get from the solo. I have no control over your offer. All I can do is guarantee that you will get your unique clicks from emails that I have sent to my list, not traffic exchanges or pop ups.

If you have any doubts, then you should not purchase a solo. Understand that there are absolutely no refunds! The only refunds that will be issued is because I have refused to send the ad due to poor quality or even because I just don't like it.

So, if you understand the terms and are ready to add some quality subscribers to your list, click on one of the buttons below. After your order is processed, you will be taken to a form where you will put your subject and email body. I will then contact you with the date that your solo ad will be sent.

$25 for 50 Quality Uniques


$45 for 100 Quality Uniques



JT "Big Brother" Martin